Brewery Fittings

We like beer here at Sanitary Fittings…a lot!!! Nothing makes us happier than providing quality sanitary products and services to breweries across the United States.

At Sanitary Fittings, you’ll find a wide range of products specific to the brewing industry from clamps and caps to sanitary hoses and valves. Our fittings are 3-A standard, meaning they are USDA and FDA-approved, so you don’t have to worry about commercial manufacturing compliance. This also makes inspection, sanitation, and cleaning simpler, allowing you to more easily and efficiently swap out the previously brewed stout for your next IPA. While the tanks and kettles are important, the hardware connections, pumps, and hoses you use can be even moreso. Check out our featured brewery products below and don’t forget, orders over $100 include FREE SHIPPING!

Sanitary Fittings is proud to be a supporting member of the following brewery guilds and associations:

Our Full Service Capabilities

We’re the perfect fit for any project. No order minimums, no hassle.


Stainless steel fittings are a popular choice across many industries for their ability to maintain a clean surface that resists corrosion and rust.


Your parts are covered by our ninety (90) day warranty period from date of shipment under normal use and service.


Your sanitary fittings should last a long time if properly cleaned and maintained. When you need replacement parts, we’ve got you covered.

Brewer Hardware: A Guide for Serious Brewers

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We’re going to break down every component of brewery hardware. Whether you’re brewing at home or commercially, this guide has something for everyone.

Other Resources for Brewers

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